Virtual Call Center Growth!

Tuesday, 02 June 2009 22:18

Virtualization is growing in all kinds of businesses as administrators realize the potential for themselves and their clients. According to a survey by Intel and Citrix,  virtualization technologies are increasing on the desktop. What began as a relatively small survey was expanded to include 1,100 medium-to-large IT companies  in order to see what type of client models and strategies were in place in order to increase business.

The findings indicate that some services are growing faster than others while some are tapering off. The growing services include app streaming, OS streaming, and client-side virtual containers. This is especially important because applications can be used without having to install an entire OS on the client computer. What does this mean? More control for the administrator and more mobility for the client. According to Clyde Hedrick, manager of client virtualization in the Business Computing Group at Intel,

 “It gives them (administrators) control and mobility, but also give it more centralized control and ease in maintaining corporate images, so they get the best of both worlds.”

Specifically, this technology works by streaming content to the client from a central server. It is estimated that use of this will increase from 30% to 36%. With this expected growth rate, it’s surprising that in 2007 client-based virtual containers weren’t very widely used. However, their use is increasing rapidly in terms of percentage of devices used. By 2010 ,this will go from 4% to 8% of devices that use it. Hedrick is sure that server-based streaming will continue to expand due to the "desire for flexibility and control of IT assets like they are used to with server-based computing." Clearly virtualization is a must-have asset for anyone looking to participate and lead the business of tomorrow.